EXPAND DONG: QCF, QCF, A+B/X+Y bonzi buddy on steroids. bonzi eats a banana then transforms into DANKEY KANG who crushes the opponent. costs 2000 power. rule the world: QCF, HCB, X/Y a clone of the spirit bomb. bonzi creates a giant globe which he trows onto the oppoenent and it spins faster and faster till it explodes. costs 3000 power.


I am trying to make a BonziBUDDY video. However, when I make him speak, he only stays in his normal default pose, with his arms oin his belly.

Yansiklopedi sitesinden. Gezinti kısmına atla Arama kısmına atla. Tebrikler, hamilesiniz! Bonzibuddy: Yanbay. Bu kullanıcı Suriye'lidir. Here's what happened when 12 random people took turns drawing and describing, starting with the prompt "BonziBUDDY shall get revenge from Expand Dong!". Customize your avatar with the B^) bonzi and millions of other items.

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Create. Make a Meme Make a GIF Make a Chart Make a Demotivational Flip Through Images. Login . Login Signup Toggle Dark Mode. Bonzi Is A Virus.

7. Expand dong 2.

Bonzi BUDDY was made by Bonzi Software Forever's minigame sprites were ripped by Magma Dragoon . more dong to expand . Reply. StillLiketrains Mar 12, 2014.

BonziBUDDY, a veces escrito Bonzi Buddy, Bonzibuddy, BonziBuddy,BONZIBuddy o simplemente Bonzi, era un "agente de software inteligente" en pantalla de BONZI Software, lanzado en 1999 y descontinuado en 2004 con sólo alrededor de siete versiones jamás lanzadas. El sitio web oficial indicó que ayudaría a una persona a explorar Internet a través de varias funciones, junto con su propio the-bonzi-buddy.

Bonzi buddy expand dong

20 Jan 2018 Fun with Bonzi Buddy Virus (BonziKill) [CRAZY] mp3 uploaded by TheBaconBox PT15M43S and 21.58 MB, upload at 

Bonzi buddy expand dong


Bonzi Bonnie seems to hang his mouth after Bonzi SpringBonnie. Sunglasses are occasionally worn by Bonzi to likely block out the sun. He looks dong and rad in them, too. CGI modeled sunglasses, yeah Also in BonziWORLD bans, character holding banhammer with sunglasses. expand dong Grips. Posted 5 years ago 5 notes . bonzi-buddy-expands-the-don-blog liked this the-bonzi-buddy posted this Expand Dong!
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Bonzi buddy expand dong

Bonzi Buddy Saying Expand Dong Or Xpand Dong?!

Vinesauce Joel - Windows XP Destruction. The video that brought forth a legend. Bonzi Buddy speaks in a text-to-speech style voice, much like what Drew Pickles and Sammy t3h Snake have. He also fueled the popularity of the Expand Dong meme.
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#vinesauce #bonzi buddy #bonzibuddy #bonzi #expand dong. 13,061 notes. spookytanuki. Follow.

I hope you like the video I made -----NOTICE!----- These videos are made with great care don't ask me why I didn't erase the whole body expect the head, it's camtasia studio. expand dong Bonzi Buddy became most well-known in the Vinesauce community when Joel streamed a Windows XP Destruction in which he attempted to infect his Windows XP OS with viruses. One of the programs Joel downloaded was Bonzi Buddy.

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Welcome to the world of BonziBUDDY! He will explore the Internet with you as your very own friend and sidekick! He can talk, walk, joke, browse, search, e-mail, and download like no other friend you've ever had! He even has the ability to compare prices on the products you love and help you save money!

In later Bonzi Bonnie videos, he named his arch rival Expand Dong "Fagit", which is a short form for the word "F@gg0t".